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Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Tonawanda, New York

Contrary to popular belief, Medicaid is not just for low-income and poor people. Many clients who seek Medicaid planning are New Yorkers of the middle and upper-middle class. Medicaid provides New Yorkers with good and reliable insurance. Many people turn to Medicaid planning when they learn about the ridiculously high cost of long-term care.

Navigating the Medicaid system can be confusing and complicated. That is why many people get legal counsel from an experienced Medicaid planning attorney to help them protect their financial future. At the Law Office Of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC, we help clients pursue Medicaid planning strategies to protect their assets against the high cost of long-term care in Tonawanda, New York, and Amherst, Wheatfield, and throughout Erie County and Niagara County, New York.

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What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a public health insurance program available for Americans who cannot afford the cost of medical care, including long-term care. Medicaid covers the cost of many healthcare services. The services that are covered depend on the beneficiary’s age, family and financial situation, living arrangements, and other factors. While some services are covered, others come with a small co-payment.

According to the New York Department of Health, more than 7.3 million lower-income residents of New York benefit from Medicaid’s comprehensive health coverage. Medicaid-covered services are provided to New Yorkers through a network of healthcare providers across the state. New Yorkers can access the network of providers through a Medicaid card.

Who Is Eligible for Medicaid?

There are many eligibility requirements residents of New York must meet when applying for Medicaid benefits. In New York, eligibility requirements include:

  1. You are a resident of New York;

  2. You are a U.S. citizen, national, permanent resident, or legal immigrant;

  3. Your financial situation is low income; and

  4. You are one of the following (blind, pregnant, at least 65 years old, responsible for a minor child, or living with a disabled family member in your household, or living with a disability yourself).

Your annual household income is taken into consideration when determining whether or not you qualify for Medicaid. Consider speaking with a Medicaid planning attorney to determine if your annual household income is below the required threshold.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning involves planning to protect your financial future and make sure that your long-term care costs are covered. According to the New York Department of Financial Services, the cost of long-term care in New York can reach $100,000 per year or even more. There are multiple reasons to take advantage of Medicaid planning, including:

  • With a comprehensive plan, you can protect your assets and family members.

  • Medicaid planning allows you to reduce stress, knowing that some healthcare services will be covered by the insurance.

  • A Medicaid plan can be incorporated into your estate plan, which may include a last will and testament, trust, power of attorney, and other documents.

  • Medicaid planning allows the beneficiary to maximize their care options.

You can benefit from Medicaid planning by working with a knowledgeable attorney. A skilled Medicaid planning attorney can help you save a lot of money and plan in the most efficient manner possible.

How a Medicaid Planning Attorney Can Help

An experienced Medicaid planning attorney can help you understand the rules and implications of the public health insurance program. At the Law Office Of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC our attorneys have years of experience helping New Yorkers plan ahead and protect their assets. We advise clients on how they can plan for their future and what they can do to maximize their care options in the long run.

We also assist residents of New York with estate planning needs. An estate plan may include Medicaid planning, will, trust, power of attorney, and other documents.

The Medicaid planning attorneys at the Law Office Of Corey J. Rossi have the necessary expertise and resources to provide each client with the information needed to obtain maximum benefits available through the health insurance program.

Medicaid Planning Attorneys Serving Tonawanda, New York

Our Medicaid planning attorneys in Tonawanda, New York, help clients create plans to protect their assets and family members. We have assisted countless people and families in New York make proper arrangements for affording the cost of long-term care. Our attorneys at the Law Office Of Corey J. Rossi provide legal counsel to clients in Tonawanda and throughout Erie County and Niagara County. Schedule a case review with our attorneys to discuss your specific situation.