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Start Your New Business Venture Off on the Right Foot

Opening a New Business Is Exciting, but The Required Legal Steps Can Be Confusing.

The good news is you do not have to navigate the process of establishing a new business on your own. There are a myriad of issues to consider with respect to protecting yourself and your personal assets when it comes to starting a new business. Depending on the type of business you are setting up, the type of entity you select can have very important consequences and afford very specific protections than running a business under your personal name without any legal protection.

The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC can cost-effectively assist you with the formation of your small business entities, including LLCs, partnerships, and corporations. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to tax liability, legal liability, costs and level of control. We can also work with your CPA or tax professional in determining which entity type is the best for your business based on state and federal tax laws to ensure maximum protection and strategic tax planning.

Effective Legal Guidance

If you are part of a group that is starting a business and are presented with contracts or documents outlining your ownership interest or involvement, or are being asked to become part of an existing business, The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC can review these agreements to ensure that you know how your involvement in the business will be going forward. Signing these types of agreements without effective legal counsel can oftentimes have unintended consequences so it is important not to sign anything unless you are absolutely confident that you understand your rights and obligations.

As businesses grow, the need to hire and terminate employees may arise. The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC can assist with the review and preparation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, separation agreements, and employee and independent contractor agreements, both from the standpoint of the employer and the employee.

Finally, disputes with other businesses and vendors may arise no matter what proactive steps you take to avoid such issues. The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC can help assist with reviewing your business and contractual disputes, provide guidance on the quickest and most cost-effective ways to resolve these issues, and work on negotiating a resolution with the party on the other side. We work with you very closely to understand the issues, figure out how to best resolve based on your business and financial concerns, and work to get a resolution as quickly as possible. Our firm can draft/review demand letters, respond to same, and evaluate all litigation options with a strategic mindset that benefits your business, not our firm. If you are a business that believes you have been wronged, or a business that has been accused of wrong-doing, call us to see how we can provide a business-minded evaluation of your dispute.

Trust a Fellow Entrepreneur for Valuable Legal Guidance

The Attorneys of The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC Are Entrepreneurs Who Understand the Hopes and Fears that Accompany Opening and Running a Business.

Since they have been through the process before, the attorneys at The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC know the risks you are taking and the goals you want to achieve. They also understand that while you are not looking for problems, sometimes they find you. Do not let legal questions and concerns keep you up at night when starting and running your business. Let the attorneys at The Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC guide you to on the right path towards success. Call the Law Office of Corey J. Rossi, PLLC today for the legal assistance you need to give you peace of mind!

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