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Why Choose an Estate Planning Attorney Over Online Forms?

We’ve probably all seen television advertisements for online services where you can go create a last will and testament for a few bucks.

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Important Tips for the Executor of an Estate

Executors play a crucial role during the estate administration process. When a person dies in New York State, the executor or administrator is often called upon to evaluate assets, pay debts and taxes, distribute assets to rightful beneficiaries, or ultimately settle the decedent’s financial affairs.

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Dispelling Estate Planning Myths

Over the years, there has been increased awareness about creating an estate plan and planning for life's uncertainties. Regardless, a lot of people are still unaware of what estate planning involves, how to draft one, or what to consider before starting their estate plan.

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Things to Consider Before You Start Your Estate Planning

There are numerous considerations for you to ponder before drafting an estate plan. These decisions will determine your legacy in life and in death. Here are some key considerations.

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Estate Planning Terms to Know

Estate planning is an extremely important process, but it can be a confusing one to someone unfamiliar with it. As with any legal issue, conversations with your estate planning attorney are filled with terms that may sound utterly foreign to you. That is why who you choose to work with to create your estate plan is just as important as creating the plan itself.

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